The Power You Carry: How to Become a Brain Builder to Help All Children Thrive    

Schools can be designed to become supportive, trustful environments for children—places where they develop the skills and mindsets required for success in school, work and life. Research has shown that supportive, buffering relationships with adults can prevent and even reverse the negative effects of traumatic experiences.

Using real-world examples grounded in brain science, this session will offer strategies for educators to build equitable classrooms that truly personalize learning for all students. Focusing on the power educators have to help children get back on the pathway to healthy development, participants will draw on their own experiences and leave with a concrete next step they can try in their classrooms. 


Session Outcomes

  • Review the latest knowledge about trauma and its impact on the brain

  • Discuss 2-3 ways educators can apply the science of learning to help learners who have been impacted by trauma heal                                                        


Amy Nicholson, Director, Integrated Program Strategy, Turnaround for Children    



302, Student Center East Tower

Make the success of every child personal!