Personalized Learning—Morning Sessions

Strengths to Superpowers: How Harnessing the Abilities of Diverse Learners Helps Them Thrive

Many students with a learning disability have a unique working memory profile. This unique profile can be a strength. For example, did you know that children with dyslexia have strengths in visual-spatial working memory? This skill means that they are great at remembering things they see, like landmarks and images. Explore how to turn the abilities of diverse learners into superpowers, leveraging these strengths to help each unique student succeed.

Session Outcomes:

  • Identify their strengths: Find out the memory strength of students with dyslexia, ADHD, and autism

  • Maximize their strengths: Learn research-based strategies for using each student’s memory strengths in the classroom


Tracy Alloway, Ph.D., Author and Psychology Professor, University of North Florida

Room: 603, Student Center East Tower

Making Sense of Curriculum in a Personalized World

As teachers seek to make learning more personalized, they need access to high-quality instructional resources that are adaptable to student contexts, needs and interests. In a world where most resources aren't designed to work in more innovative teaching and learning environments (e.g. intended to be used full class, full course, with minimal modification), what are strategies educators and leaders can put in place to give students the right curriculum for the right purposes at the right time? In this session we'll explore the ways curricular needs differ between traditional and non-traditional environments before we explore strategies for supporting teachers in vetting materials and making modifications.


Session Outcomes: 

  • Explore the ways curricular needs differ between traditional and personalized learning approaches

  • Get guidance on and real-world strategies for how to vet, curate for and modify material approaches depending on student needs and interests

  • Access and take away "playlists" of real-world examples and resources to bring back into work with students and teams 

  • Leave with an action plan for their own school or district



Beth Rabbitt, CEO, The Learning Accelerator

Juliana Finegan, Managing Partner, The Learning Accelerator

Room: 605, Student Center East Tower

Make the success of every child personal!