Personalized Learning—Afternoon Sessions

Evolving Your In-School Professional Development

While our schools are on this journey of personalizing learning for our students, we should also consider how we are personalizing professional learning for teachers. How can you leverage teacher-leaders or school leaders to support teachers on their own journeys? How can you as an educator advocate for professional learning that meets your evolving individual needs? Join us to find out!

Session Outcomes

  • Understand the benefits of personalizing professional development for teachers and staff

  • Review exemplar models and identify key components

  • Develop effective ways to advocate for personalized professional development for staff



Heather Morrison, Instruction and Curriculum Coach/Diverse Learners Department Chair, Disney II Magnet School


Room 611, Student Center East Tower

Personalized Learning 101

The first step in bringing personalized learning to life for students is honing your foundation in the approach. What are the different ways learning can be personalized? What does it look like when you deliver on this? In this session, you will be introduced to personalized learning through the LEAP Learning Framework, which provides the conceptual underpinning for all of LEAP’s work. Though some actionable strategies will be covered, the focus of the session will be the different dimensions of a whole-child, personalized approach to instruction—why they matter, how they differ and what it looks like when they’re all working together to drive the learning experience.

Session Outcomes

  • Develop an understanding of the four core components that compose the LEAP Learning Framework: Learner Focused, Learner Demonstrated, Learner Led and Learner Connected! 

  • Understand why the shift to personalized learning is critical to developing the next generation of leaders


Jen Stack, Senior Manager of Professional Learning, LEAP Innovations

Annie Dillon, Professional Learning Manager, LEAP Innovations


Room 605, Student Center East Tower

What's in Your Personalized Learning Toolkit? Everyday Strategies to Get Started!

During this breakout session, teachers will quickly introduce you to personalized learning and guide you through the practical steps of personalizing your classroom instruction. You'll walk away with an understanding of the basic tools that all educators should have in their personalized learning toolkits. Examples of innovative practices and approaches that will be shared include student interest surveys, learner profiles, flexible seating, seminars, innovative literacy blocks and strategies for building student agency.

Session Outcomes

  • Understand what personalized learning is and is not

  • Explore the building blocks of personalized learning instruction

  • Examine real-life implementations by Chicago educators



Keviyona Ray, Assistant Principal, Randolph Elementary School 

Keisha Wheat, Instructional Coach, Randolph Elementary School 

Tia Hanna, Kindergarten Teacher, St. Genevieve Catholic School


Illinois Room C, 3rd Floor Conference Center

Make the success of every child personal!