Learner Demonstrated

Spoiler Alert: Standards and Personalized Learning Can Co-Exist

In the education world today there is much debate about the role of standards in a personalized learning context. Are the two really at odds? In this session, you’ll be invited to consider how standards can be used to create a personalized learning experience for your students.  Learn how it's being done by reviewing case examples from educators who are effectively aligning standards in a personalized learning environment.

Session Outcomes

  • Apply components of personalized learning planning to standards-based instruction, bolstering the personalized experience for students 



Ashley Jarrell, 7th- & 8th-grade teacher, English Language Arts Stagg School of Excellence 

Emily Karl, 8th-grade math teacher, Fremont Middle School


Room 713, Student Center East Tower

Assessment Is More Than a Grade: Take Steps to Reimagine Traditional Grading Practices

Why do you give grades, and how are those grades interpreted by students? Immerse yourself in a session where teachers will examine current grading practices and reflect on how they currently use quizzes. After unpacking current grading methods, an alternative model will be presented for how formatives and feedback can be used to inform and structure future learning experiences.

Session Outcomes

  • Reevaluate the “traditional” practice of quizzes and weekly grades in order to create more aligned formatives and summatives to inform students and provide feedback 

  • Challenge your current grading practices and be able to answer the following questions: Why do you give grades? How are those grades interpreted by students?


Amy Bergeson, 3rd-grade teacher,  Jonathan Burr Elementary School
Sarah Mongoven, 6th-grade teacher, ACERO Fuentes Middle School


Room 302, Student Center East Tower

Make the success of every child personal!