Unions Leading The Skills Revolution for Today's Learners    

As advanced technologies and automation disrupt the workforce, the need for high-quality, highly skilled workers remains. With an aging workforce and increasing job growth, today’s economy presents many exciting opportunities for young people. Students in low-income and minority communities, however, despite high rates of unemployment, have little to no preparation with trade-specific or otherwise skilled work. Without improvements, the gap between workforce needs and talented workers will widen.


How can century-old trade unions help revolutionize education and counter America’s growing skills gap? Join this session to learn how  to ensure high school students are prepared to succeed in a skill-based economy.

Session Outcomes

  • Highlight local work to connect the elementary and high school leaders to employers

  • Understand the value that these types of programs have on students and their schools

  • Discuss the need to prepare the pipeline of next generation of workers within and rapidly evolving world of work

  • Inspire leaders in the work by sharing examples of national partners and leaders    



Myles Mendoza, President, Empower Illinois

Karin Norington-Reaves, CEO, Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership 

Jason Gaulden, Vice President of Partnerships, America Succeeds

Room: White Oak, 3rd Floor Conference Center                                                                

Tech is Changing the World: What Does That Mean for K-12 Education?

Technological advancements continue to shape our world and global economy. What are these technologies, and how are developments in artificial intelligence, augmented reality and automation shaping the jobs of the future? Beyond that,, how does the changing nature of our tech-based society impact how we prepare learners for the future? Join this panel to hear from leaders in the field on the changing landscape of tech and what it means for you.

Session Outcomes: 

  • Explore the burgeoning role of new technologies—such as artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, performance enhancing technologies—in the classroom

  • Discuss the ways technology can support and bolster innovative learning, while also highlighting potential areas of concern with tech implementation


Jennie Magiera, Chief Program Officer, EdTechTeam

Joe Ignatius, Education Account Executive, Microsoft
Adam Wisniewski, CEO, EX3 Labs

Dan, Narrative Science

Room: Cardinal Room, 3rd Floor Conference Center

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