Using Virtual Reality to Reinvent How Professionals Hone Their Craft

Personalized learning models designed to enable deep development of agency-driven, 21st-century competencies cannot take root through the use of rules-and-compliance-driven 20th-century change processes, or through traditional notions of scaling and adoption. The contradiction is fatal. In this session, national leaders will explore the notion of “transformation science,” examining why transforming learning and student outcomes requires that districts, CMOs and schools become the change they seek for students. 

Session Outcomes: 

  • Explore reasons why personalized, student-centered learning is antithetical to most of K-12 education’s traditional suite of scaling, spread and adoption strategies

  • Learn about the emerging practice of transformation science—approaches in which the organizational change processes reflect the central, agency-driven nature of the student learning model and goal-setting

  • Discuss how elements of these approaches might work (or not work) in your own contexts


Andy Calkins, Director, Next Generation Learning Challenges

Scott Frauenheim, CEO, Distinctive Schools

Colleen Collins, Director, CICS West Belden    

Room: 613, Student Center East Tower

Make the success of every child personal!